Season Two

LT 2-1 A Real Estate – Our season 2 intro module!

LT 2-2 New Opportunities

LT 2-3 One Man’s Trash

So long story short some things have happened in the last week that put us a little off our intended schedule. BFG con (among others) were cancelled and we’ve had some additional issues come up. Hopefully the edits should be done this week and LT 2-4 and LT 2-5 should be out friday the 20th at the latest.

LT 02-04 Another Man’s Treasure will be available on 3/20/20

LT 02-05 Orders of Operations will be available on 3/20/20

LT 02-06 Devils in the Details will be available on 3/27/20

That will conclude the Tier One modules for Season 2. Tier two modules will be announced when we get some player feedback and YOU help us to determine Kymal’s fate!