Season One Release Tri-State-ish Area Store Tour

More dates and locations are being added to fill up the weeks between now and our first Trial of Heroes at DexCon (see Conventions below for more information) so check back to see if we’re coming to a store near you!

Want us to bring Living Tal’Dorei to a store near you? Contact us and let us know where you play!

Weekly Games

The Only Game In Town has happily announced their first new Game Master for their Tuesday Night Dungeons and Dragons–and it is our very own Vinnie Pontillo. (Yes, the very same Vinnie go GM’s the sensational “The DnD Grandma and the Family that Games Together” podcast!)

Vinnie will be running the full Season One of Living Tal’Dorei. Interested in playing? Stop in at The Only Game In Town on their Dungeons and Dragons night (Tuesday) and ask for details.

Is your store hosting a Living Tal’Dorei game weekly? Let us know so we can feature you here!

Upcoming Conventions

DexCon July 3-7

We have been approved to run our first multi table cooperative event called Trial of Heroes on Sunday of the event. (To learn more about the Trial of Heroes, please see the Living Tal’Dorei Handbook Supplement.)

There are 10 slots at Dexcon leading up to the Trial of Heroes on Sunday so there is the opportunity to play the entire season before the main event.

BetaCon October 4-6

We will be running various Season 1 modules Friday and Saturday, leading up to the second and final opportunity to play the Trial of Heroes that debuted at DexCon on Sunday.