Weekly Games

Is your store hosting a Living Tal’Dorei game weekly? Or interested in connecting with a GM to do so?

Reach out to us anytime. Let us know so we can feature you here!

Upcoming Conventions

BFGcon 2020 March 13th -15th

Was cancelled due to the Virus Outbreak. We will continue to monitor local situations for events going forward.

Betacon PA  May 1st-3rd

We will be premiering our first Season 2 Trial of Heroes LT Trial 02-01 Doubling Down! Players will have a direct opportunity to change the course of the rest of the season!

*As of 3/25 this con has been postponed. We are working to set up a few online runs of Doubling Down using our Discord channel and Roll20.

Dexcon 2020 July 3rd-7th

We will be running Tier One and Tier Two modules from our Season 2

GenCon 2020 July 30th- August 2nd

The entire LT crew is ecstatic to announce we will be coming to Indianapolis for our first time ever! We will be running games all weekend long so check back to see what is scheduled.

We are intending to add more convention to the rest of the year but this represents everything scheduled as of now.


Past Conventions

DexCon July 3-7

We have been approved to run our first multi table cooperative event called Trial of Heroes on Sunday of the event. (To learn more about the Trial of Heroes, please see the Living Tal’Dorei Handbook Supplement.)

BetaCon October 4-6

We will be running various Season 1 modules Friday and Saturday, leading up to the second and final opportunity to play the Trial of Heroes: Countdown to Catastrophe that will debut on Sunday. Warhorn signups are HERE.

Bear in mind though, you must register for BOTH the convention and Warhorn first before you can sign up to run or play any slots. This is true for all conventions that use warhorn.

FalCon September 27-29

We will be running tables depending on what players have already completed.

Winter Fantasy  February 5th-9th

We playtested and premiered our Tier One mods of Season 2. Changes are being made to them based on player actions and we will be releasing them over the next two months.